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If any of my followers or friends wants to stay in touch via a blog

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2012 Gaming

Our group has been on a hiatus seeing as my wife's have birth to daughter no3 over the Christmas holiday, and I've been itching to get back.

Right now we have 2 big games that are underway, our Dark Heresy campaign which is close to finishing as well as my Vampire Dark Ages campaign.

DH is being run by our resident blood thirsty history teacher and V TDA is being run by myself.

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A long time away

Jesus, I just noticed Ive not posted here in over a year. Odd when I used to write here at least once a week, I suppose different needs were severed better by Facebook, Twitter and such like.

Well, my creative juices are flowing and I need to put something in the way to soak up the mess.

Things in Progress
Orchid novel - been doing bits and pieces, but more editing and revising rather than anything new

Things in Planning
Ice Age - either a role-playing system or a campaign based on my fascination/love for the cold winters with last for generations rather than just months

Things up in the Air
iPhone app - I want to have a go at programming an iPhone app, not sure what yet, but could prove to be profitable and worthwhile

So thats whats been occupying my mind for now.

Deadlands RPG

Deadlands RPG sessions still remain on hold. Personal problems with 2 players (one of which is our venue host) has meant the delay.

I was hoping to "cheat" and run an adventure I had already run before, Dime Novel 1 - Perditions Daughter, as I realised none of the players had actually been through this adventure, such was the turnover of players since I ran it last 3 or 4 years ago.

Trouble is a gamer who dropped out in September last year, has rearer his ugly head, and put that idea back in its grave.

Still, gonna be running Riders in the Sky, the Marshall Screen adventure.

Also the delay has enabled me to fill up my laptop with suitabel music to inspire the imagination of the group too.

Hotmail finally back!!! aahhhh

I had my Hotmail account suspended back in August last year, and I finally got it back.
Most of my usernames and passwords I use online are there.

How did it get suspended? Well, I had an install of OneNote 2010 which wanted to link to my Hotmail account, which I was happy to do as it all talks to each other, and its an extentsion of the Dropbox software I swear by.

But silly me entered the wrong password into OneNote, which then proceeded to try to log into my Hotmail account. Microsoft thought it was an intruder hack and suspended the account.

It took this long because (a) I had to prove it was me and my email accounts (b) whenever "they" agreed it was my account, they redirected me to a password reset screen, which reset the password, but still the account was suspended.

Cut a long story short, they finally saw the light and let me have it, and all 800 unread emails....


Dark Heresy and Deadlands

So a double dose of news about our Sunday group.
We've gained 2 new players, and lost 1, whilst a 2nd has gone AWOL and not responding to any stimuli...

So it means that the group is still where it was almost 2 years ago, struggling to keep a good sized group to make running/playing games worthwhile. The bad weather hasnt helped, and the Christmas holidays means no gaming now to the New Year.

Still in the intervening months we managed to finish off the 2nd part of Haarlock's legacy for the Dark heresy RPG, and also planned a short Deadlands diversion. This may run for a lot longer based on virtually a new set of players, means I can run some adventures Ive already run with past players in the same group.

Now I love Deadlands, but the overhead in terms of materials (rules, paperclips, character sheets, 2 decks of playing cards, poker chips AND dice) is enormous when compared to other games.

Still, I'll keep running it as long as they enjoy it. Been playing Red Dead Redemption on the XBox 360 just to get into character.

Once Im all GMed out, Ill sit back and enjoy the 3rd and final part of the Dark Heresy campaign...

(no subject)

Visit the BBC website, considered to the the fairest and most objective news service in the world.
Then perform a search on the word "islam" and you get some pretty worrying results.

The most "peaceful" religion in the world, somehow, manages to generate 8 violence/violent stories out of a potential 10.

Do the same for "Christianity", and the results are 0 for 10.

Im no christian, I dont believe in religion or gods, but it is a worry...


YouTube Wake Up

I have been spending quite a few hours over the last 5 days watching some videos on You Tube by the excellent, and always entertaining Thunderf00t. His intelligent responses and insights to the world around us makes sense of the blurring line of media and ill-informed decisions. Specifically his response to the Swine Flu epidemic and his almost legendary series "Why Do People Laugh at Creationists?".  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS5vid4GkEY

It is a genuine worry that the intelligent and fact-based scientific developments that we have enjoyed in the modern world have no only progressed the world as we know it, but also lifted the curtain on the wizard of oz style smoke and mirrors that all the old religions have been perpetuating over the last 4,000 odd years.

That there are people out there (fuck it need only be ONE person) who genuinely believe the world was created in 7 days by a divine being is worrying. Supposedly intelligent, reasoned people have chosen to ignore facts and science and continue to perpetuate their own brand of dark age mythology on the 21st century is shocking.

And its not just creationists, but also Christians, proponents of Intelligent Design, Scientology (a worryingly named cult that steals the name of science to further its own credibility), Muslims and Roman Catholics who come under his scrutiny, and every single one of the falls at the first hurdle, but still persists in running even though both its legs are broken...

Ive also watched the video responses from VenomFangX (a creationist who believes the Grand Canyon was created in 5 minutes and NephilimFree (who believes the craters on the moon were created from water/ice ejected from earth during Noah's flood).

Ive also watched the rather energetic rants of The Amazing Atheist, who whilst has some goods things to say, undermines his and the entire argument by ranting and raving in manner befitting an evangelist.

Do a Youtube search, and see if its your thing...

RuneQuest Summary

So the RuneQuest game ended on a high. The players accomplished their goal and everyone had fun, which was key. What was a little sad was that a couple of the players said they enjoy the game, the puzzles and the story, but didnt really enjoy the RQ system. As previously mentioned, I ran the game using the Chaosium 2nd Edition (Games Workshop boxed set edition) of the rules. I love the system and it really works for me, but these 2 didnt.

Ive tried to understand why, and it comes down to access to the rules. I guess they wanted something more tactile than 1 printed cofy the rules along with PDFs. I have quite a bit of RQ material, but will save it for another group of players for another time.

Anyway, 3 new players have joined our group of 4, meaning the numbers are making it easier to allow games to happen, as in the past 1 player dropping out meant the game was cancelled until the following week. Still Ive got this Sunday and Dark Heresy to look forward to, then 2 weeks have to be relocated to a new venue whilst one player has their parents-in-law arriving. Im sure we'll get there in the end, just a standard month of gaming every Sunday without interruption. Please?

The Sunday Night RPG Group

Im really pleased to say the numbers are up, and we seem to have 5 players and a GM, 6 when Gurth gets his act together in September 2010. Im please also that I stuck through with the group as I was seriously considering jacking it all in for a few months then finding a whole brand new group. Different day, different people, different games.